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Kingdom Hearts Director Teases Unexpected Development Between Versus and Verum Rex

Kingdom Hearts 3 launched last year and received a story expansion ReMind in January. This DLC has hinted at the future direction for the series.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 launched last year, fans were quick to notice an in-game video advert for a video game called Verum Rex. It was introduced as a trailer and looked similar to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a project that Nomura worked on for years until it was eventually retooled and rebooted in Final Fantasy XV.

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Verum Rex was initially just a stylish advert for a video game that didn’t exist however it was hinted in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 that there might be more to the story than just a simple advert. If you haven’t played the ReMind DLC, this might be a spoiler but in case you have, there is a secret boss fight with the protagonist featured in the Verum Rex trailer.

ReMind DLC has made it clear that the world of Verum Rex and Kingdom Hearts is connected in some capacity and now the game director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed it in a recent interview. He is also hinting at some unexpected development occurring in the future.

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Speaking in the interview, Nomura mentioned that only he knows the entirety of Verum Rex and Versus. He considers them different but expects to see a development in this regard in the future.

“Only I know the full story behind Versus XIII and Verum Rex. However, the two are completely different and I think an unexpected development is occuring, ” says Nomura (Translation via Twitter).

It took a long time for Kingdom Hearts 3 to release as the game was initially announced in 2013 along with Final Fantasy XV. Nomura is currently working on Final Fantasy VII Remake which is out on April 10.

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