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Kojima Productions Won’t Work On Metal Gear or Silent Hill, Only Its Own IPs

Kojima Productions will not work on other licensed IPs like Metal Gear or Silent Hill, and will instead focus on its own IPs.

Speaking during an interview, Kojima Productions game director, Hideo Kojima, stated that the studio will maintain the stance of making its own IP and not working on IP licensed from elsewhere.

Kojima productions metal gear silent hill

According to Kojima, the studio isn’t publicly traded. Therefore, he said that he doesn’t have some long-term goal of steadily growing the company. Instead, he said that he simply wanted to leave behind good work, and that’s ultimately the stance he takes with the games he’s making, while also considering working on other kinds of visual projects. He affirmed that Kojima Productions will maintain its stance of working on its own IP and not on IP licensed from elsewhere, ruling out the possibility of the studio working on a Metal Gear or Silent Hill project in collaboration with Konami.

In addition to Death Stranding 2, Kojima Productions is working on one other unusual title. Kojima said that he knew players expected the first release from Kojima Productions to be a video game, therefore he started things out by working on Death Stranding. While developing games is tougher than working on any kind of video work, the former are also the most fun at the end of the day, according to the Koijma Productions game director.

Kojima also discussed the impact of the pandemic on the studio, though he added that it has exited the atmosphere with its “first booster rocket” and is ready to “detach its second to go to the next planet”.

Previously, it was revealed that the characters featured in Death Stranding 2 are powered by Unreal Engine 5’s MetaHuman technology. The feature has previously only been demonstrated on Epic Games’ modern game engine. However, it appears that Epic Games is now allowing developers to incorporate the technology in their in-house game engines.

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