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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss Fight Guide: How To Beat Every Floor Boss

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has plenty of boss fights. Almost every floor has a new boss. Here’s a guide to help you figure out their weakness.

You will be mainly playing at The Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You will have to go through the various themed stages in it. On every floor, you usually end up with a boss fight in which you have to figure out the weakness of the ghost and capture it.

Since the bosses can be difficult if you are a newcomer to the series, and it is not easy to find their faults and weak points every time, you need to know how to beat them.

How To Defeat Every Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor Boss

Floor B1 Boss Steward

The first boss that you will fight in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is The Steward. It is not a difficult battle at all. He will simply use the suitcases around the level as shields so you will have to use Luigi’s Poltergust G-00 to remove the suitcase from the hands of Steward. Afterward, use Luigi’s Strobulb blast to blind and confuse him and then do a slam attack.

Floor 5 Boss Chambrea

Chambrea hides a suitcase inside her body. Just like every other boss, you need to use Luigi’s Strobulb to harm her. Confuse with the light blast and proceed to use the plunger to take the suitcase. Slam the boss to the ground to make her flee to a different room. Use the dark light device to track her and find out her next location. Rinse and repeat.

Floor 3 Boss Kruller

Gooigi is needed to fight this boss. Dodge the attacks of Kruller’s and avoid getting hit because Gooigi can’t survive water. Use the Light Strobulb to make the boss use sunglasses that can be sucked into the Poltergust G-00. You need to use the bulb again to confuse the boss and then grab using Poltergust G-00 to do a slam attack.

Floor 2 Boss Chef Souffle

This boss works in the kitchen as a chef and will use his large pan to hide from Strobulb. Just like the other bosses, the plunger comes in handy here and can be used to remove the pan. You can use the lightbulb attack to stun and then Poltgergust G-00 to slam the boss around. Avoid getting hit after the attack because he will be invincible and then repeat the steps again.

Floor 4 Boss Amadeus Wolfgeist

This is a lengthy battle. You are in an auditorium and have to keep a watch on the chairs and other furniture. They will be used as an attacking move by Amadeus. Simply use the Strobulb once he is done with furniture to bind the dancing ghosts and then Amadeus will get to move the piano. You need to dodge his attacks and then use the plunger to grab the piano and throw it to the ground.

Once you destroy the piano, Amadeus will finally appear in his real form. You can use the Strobulb and Poltergust G-00 attacks to grab and defeat the boss.

Floor 6 Boss King Macfrights

This boss is riding a horse so he moves fast. You need to be patient in this fight and wait until the boss is ready to attack. When you see the boss moving for an attack, use the Strobulb shot to make him vulnerable and follow that with a plunger attack. The boss will appear in full once its armor is broken so continue the process of dodging and attacking him.

Floor 7 Boss Dr. Potter

First, use the Poltergust G-00 to grab a saw. Find Dr. Potter behind the potted plant. Wait until the plant is ready to move and then use the saw to chop it. The Dr. will be vulnerable to your attack. Simple use the combo of Strolbulb and Poltergust G-00 to defeat him.

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