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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide: Location of All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 2 Gems

Every floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 has gems to collect along with secret boos. Here’s a guide to help you locate every gem on Floor 2.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of treasure spread around on every floor there are a total of 17 floors in Luigi Mansion 3 and each floor has 6 gems hidden in it. Through this guide, you are gonna find the gems hidden on the second floor of Luigi’s Mansion 3. All the gems on the second floor are not accessible on your first visit as you will need Gooigi to get all the gems on the second floor.

How To Get All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 2 Gems?

Floor 2 Gem 1

The first gem of floor 2 is in the men’s restroom. Go to the men’s restroom and leave the first two toilets, open the door of the third rightmost toilet stall by using the Poltergust and then suck the floating newspaper, by doing so a ghost will appear. You can defeat the ghost to claim the first gem.

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Floor 2 Gem 2

The second gem is in the secret hidden area in the room where you can find E. Gadd caught in the painting. There is a chandelier in the room and you can use the Poltergust G-00 to turn the chandelier. This will reveal a secret hidden room and you can go inside to claim the second gem.

Floor 2 Gem 3

The third gem is in the kitchen of the second floor, where you defeat the Chef boss. Open the freezer door by using the Poltergust. After opening the door a swinging object will come towards you. Use the Poltergust to reveal its true form, then look for the iceblock laying on the left shelf of the fridge. Pick it with Poltergust and then take the iceblock to the burning furnace near you to melt the ice. Melting the iceblock will let you claim the third gem.

Floor 2 Gem 4

The fourth gem is in the dressing room in a safe behind the coats and dresses hanging on the left side of the dressing room. Suck all the coats and dresses hanging there and then use Strobulb on the safe to claim the fourth gem.

Floor 2 Gem 5

The fifth gem is in the Entertainment room on the second floor. Go inside the room and pick up a sword from the crest by using the Poltergust. Throw the sword on the dartboard hanging on the wall and you will get your fifth gem.

Floor 2 Gem 6

The sixth and the last gem of the second floor is back in the restaurant. You will need both Luigi and Gooigi to claim the sixth gem. There will be two fans on either side of the hall so you will have to use both Luigi and Gooigi to throw air using the Poltergust G-00. This will turn on all the lights on the ceiling. The sixth gem will be dropped down from the ceiling and you can claim it.

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