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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rare Ghosts: How To Find Any Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rare Ghosts

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will have plenty of ghosts to catch but are there any rare ghosts? It is possible to find them but not in the traditional way.

The game brings back Luigi on the quest to save Mario, Peach and others again. He will have his trustworthy Poltergust G-00 with him to suck and capture ghosts for Professor E. Gadd.

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If you have played the previous games in the series, you will notice how similar most of the regular ghosts feel now and there is a lack of new unique ghosts aside from the bosses, however, the game does offer rare ghosts as well.

How To Find Any Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rare Ghosts?

Rare ghosts are present in Luigi’s Mansion 3 but they have been removed from the story mode. You won’t be able to find them even as a secret in the main story. You can discover shiny ghosts, bosses, and others in the main story mode but there is a lack of rare ghosts.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, these rare ghosts have been removed and now they are only found in the ScareScraper multiplayer mode. This is an online and local co-op multiplayer that supports up to 8 players. You start off in a mansion with other players and have a race against time to capture ghosts. It is possible to find rare ghosts the higher you go in this multiplayer mode.

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ScareScraper is not playable at the beginning of the game. You will have to find and create Gooigi as explained here to unlock ScareScraper. Once you have unlocked it, you can compete in it to find rare ghosts although discovering them is less exciting now.

For more on Luigi’s Mansion 3, read our guide on finding all gems on Floor 3. The game is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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