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Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.06 Released, Here Are The Patch Notes

Marvel’s Avengers has been updated to version 1.06 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s everything that you need to know about this update.

Square Enix has continued to update Marvel’s Avengers. The game has received a lot of criticism over its endgame and repetitive gameplay loop. It has been presented as a game as a service product so it will be updated over time. The recent updates are all aimed at fixing the existing bugs instead of adding new content.

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Some of the rumored new superheroes that can be added in a future update are Black Panther, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye. There are more superheroes that are planned to launch for the game later down the line including Marvel’s Spider-Man.

marvel's avengers update 1.06 patch notes

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Update: The official patch notes have been posted by Crystal Dynamics.

Patch V1.2.5:

  • Resolved an infrequent bug where players are unable to progress with the campaign due to an infinite loading screen.
    • This patch does not resolve the fix for those who have already encountered it – bad save states will be resolved in V1.3.0.
  • Addressed majority of instances of a partially loaded Helicarrier which resulted in characters infinitely falling out of world when trying to access the Avengers Initiative.
    • There are rare instances where this could happen still, but the patch ensures that loading back into the main menu and then returning to the Avengers Initiative will resolve it. We are still working to eliminate this bug entirely.
  • Campaign Mission reward outfits will no longer disappear from Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through campaign progress – such as the Stark Tech outfits – reverting to a locked state.
    • We prevented this from happening in V1.2.5, but the patch does not return outfits for those who have already encountered it – bad save states will be resolved In V1.3.0.
  • Marketplace and Challenge Card outfits will be restored and no longer become re-locked in the Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through online play – such as Hero Challenge Card rewards, pattern drops, and faction vendors – reverting to a locked state
  • Updated Community Challenge UI that now reflects current community progress.
  • Backup Save UI improvements
  • Load time optimizations
  • Xbox Only: Achievements should now unlock and increment properly. We are still investigating if all Achievements will be granted retroactively – our current theory is that story-based will, but challenge-based will not.

For now, this is the only change listed in the patch notes. When the detailed changelog will arrive, we will make sure to update the article to let you know every change. Currently, the official Twitter account doesn’t appear to reveal any details on the latest update.

Crystal Dynamics is working on the game along with assistant from Eidos Montreal. Sony will get Spider-Man as an exclusive superhero for PS4 and PS5. The game is also confirmed to support a free next-generation upgrade from PS4 to the PS5.

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One major issue that has been experienced by the players is that they are losing their skins that they have unlocked. This patch could have addressed this issue.

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