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See Metal Gear Running On The Internal Web Browser For PS5

While it is currently not possible to use a web browser on PS5, there is a trick to run it. Someone has managed to boot the original Metal Gear on it.

The PS5 homebrew scene hasn’t even taken off yet and it will be a while before we get something of value, but the internal web browser lets users run some custom code on the console which led to the emulation of the original Metal Gear on the PS5.

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This was shared by one of the PlayStation homebrew developers on his Twitter account. You can see the video where he boots Metal Gear on the PS5 internal web browser.

For those who are confused about how it is possible to run the internal web browser, it is used by Sony to offer help manual in games or apps. It acts as a guide for these apps and can load data from the internet.

It is possible to use tools that are available to act as a proxy and bypass the fixed URLs that are open on the internal web browser. This allowed this homebrew developer to run Metal Gear on the PS5. This was achieved by emulating MSX on the web browser.

metal gear on ps5

In the past, there have been exploits discovered through access to the web browser which could be one of the reasons why it is not available at launch for the PS5. However, over time, the security on the web browser has increased which means it will be hard to exploit the PS5 through this way.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is now out in most countries around the world, however, some are still waiting for an official launch of the console including India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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