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Monster Hunter World CPU Utilization Issue Fixed With An Update

Capcom has released an update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne to fix the CPU Utilization issue. Here’s what you need to know about this patch.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion launched with some major problems including the save files getting deleted and low CPU utilization. Capcom has addressed the concerns of the players on PC and shared an update assuring them that they will look into the issues.

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After the patch launched on January 17, the save data issue was reportedly fixed along with CPU utilization. Here are the patch notes for this update as shared by Capcom.

– The patch fixes an issue where the save data would not properly convert to the new file format if the player save data and the game hasn’t been updated post Kulve Taroth Update launch on October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00).

*For those with save data timestamped before October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00), any customization done to the key configuration will be reset to its default value after applying the new patch.

**The November 22, 2018 (UTC 0:00) Title Update added a customizable keyboard setup. If you convert from a save data that is timestamped before this November Title Update, the following error message will be displayed.

Failed to load keyboard setting
presets. Data is corrupt.

This is non-issue and can be safely ignored since the user-generated custom configuration data did not exist in the pre-patch save data

– The patch should improve (lower) CPU utilization during active gameplay. Please note the level of improvement may vary and is dependent on individual user’s PC configuration and hardware component.

All of these fixes were implemented in Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 10.12.01. If you still haven’t received this update, please make sure to check on Steam by verifying the version of the game.

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Capcom later released another update on the performance issues faced by players in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. For those who are experiencing heavy CPU usage, they recommend to try capping the frame rate to “60” or “30” under Options -> Display -> Frame Rate.

Capcom will release another patch for the PC version that will allow users to “fine-tune and set an optimal frame rate cap to better match the individual PC’s capabilities.” This latest update doesn’t appear to target performance issues and “hitches” which might be fixed later. It is a priority fix for the developers and they are working on it.

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