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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Save File Issue: How To Avoid Getting Save Deleted

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is available now for PC through Steam and it is, unfortunately, a bad launch as there are various issues present in the game.

As we covered earlier, the launch of this expansion was quite successful as it led to a surge of the concurrent player count which more than tripled from the average. As a result, the game is now firmly placed in the top ten most played games on Steam but this is not without issues.

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While Capcom took some time in porting the Iceborne expansion to PC, almost six months to be exact, there are some issues presently that make this long wait not worth it at all. Firstly, there are issues with the game freezing or maxing out CPU usage, but more importantly, the save file is also getting deleted.

How To Avoid Getting Save Deleted In Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Due to the way the game was updated after its launch on PC, some users can end up losing save files due to incompatibility with the latest version of the game. When the game is first started, it checks for older saves and loads them once found. Since Iceborne expansion requires you to finish the game, a completed save file is needed here.

If you start the game and then encounter the message “no compatible save was found” then it is best to exit immediately. Make sure that cloud saves are also disabled as this can lead to the original save file getting replaced in the cloud. The best way to tackle this problem is to copy the save that can be located at Steam\User data\(your steam user ID number)\582010 and then keeping it someplace safe. You also need to backup everything in the savedata_backup folder.

Once you have a backup of the original save, you can try to update the game. One theory is that it has to do with old mods that are not compatible so make sure to remove any of them before starting the game. If you encounter the message, your old save will be deleted and a new one will be created in its place as experienced by users on reddit.

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The fix, for now, is to wait for a patch from Capcom that can make the old incompatible save file work with Iceborne. If you played and finished the game close to launch and then didn’t touch it again, there is a good chance your save file can be deleted so make sure to keep a backup handy just in case.

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