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New Guilty Gear Announced For a Release In 2020

Arc System Works has announced a brand new Guilty Gear game that is coming out in 2020. They shared the announcement of the game with a jaw-dropping teaser.

Guilty Gear Xrd paved the way for 3D fighters that could look as good as an animated show. It was then used in games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and the upcoming Granblue Fantasy: Versus, both of which are developed by Arc System Works.

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During Evo 2019, Arc System Works has shared a teaser for a brand new Guilty Gear game. This one seems to follow the same art style and engine as the previous game but it has improved a lot of the effects and animations. It looks amazing in action so give it a watch.

This style was also used to some extent in Guilty Gear Xrd, which is the last major game in the series. This is why fans are expecting to see more of it in the new game. It might look like an animated pre-rendered movie but it is possible that the trailer footage is all running in real-time because there was some gameplay in it as well.

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Guilty Gear 2020 will be released on unannounced platforms. Arc System Works doesn’t have more information to share on the game for now. The official description on YouTube talks about the 20th anniversary which was last year and reveals that a new game in the series was announced today on the 21st anniversary year for the series which is set to launch in 2020.

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