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New Xbox One Dashboard Update Seemingly Makes It Faster

Xbox One users can get an early insider look at the latest firmware updates. One of the most recent alpha updates has reportedly fixed the dashboard.

Microsoft has been rather quick when it comes to releasing system software updates for the Xbox One. They continue to release these firmware updates whenever there is anything major added to them, and this also includes any performance improvements.

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If you are a part of the Xbox Insider program, it is possible to gain access to the latest alpha, beta or delta version of the system software update. The most recent firmware appears to have improved the loading speed of the Xbox One dashboard by a considerable margin. Have a look at it in action in the video below courtesy of reddit.

The new dashboard is so fast! from xboxone

It is not possible right now to download this update if you are a regular user, but since it is currently being tested by Xbox Insiders, this might be rolled out as part of any upcoming system software update for the Xbox One.

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There is no time given when it comes to such Insider updates so those who are looking forward to it should have to wait for an official confirmation straight from Microsoft. In this case, Microsoft usually has a seasonal update schedule for their Xbox One console so it can be a part of the Fall 2019 update.

xbox one software update

Microsoft has previously released minor to major firmware updates within a couple of months of each other. Some of these fixed major issues and improved 4K performance while others were mostly a minor update to address some bug fixes.

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