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Demon’s Souls Remaster Is Happening, Will Reportedly Launch For PS4

Demon’s Souls remaster is perhaps one of the most requested games this generation from fans on PS4. It could be finally happening according to a new rumor.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment has started to shift their focus on the next-generation of consoles, there have been some rumors suggesting that Sony will release a full Demon’s Souls remaster for the PS4. This has gained some traction especially after Bandai Namco released a remaster of Dark Souls. This leaves the Demon’s Souls as the only original Souls games to not get a remaster for the current generation.

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Demon’s Souls remaster will reportedly launch for the PS4 but there has been no official announcement in this regard. According to Colin Moriarty, who was talking about this rumor in a podcast, the remaster was supposed to get revealed soon but apparently this didn’t work out.

The most recent State of Play that showcased the release date for The Last of Us Part 2 was apparently one of the venues to make this announcement but somehow it didn’t turn up there. Since this is a rumor, it is possible that the remaster is not in the works but there have been a lot of hints at the remaster from credible sources including Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

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Even if technically there is no remastered version of the game available right now, it is possible to emulate the PS3 version on PC. This way, fans can play the game in 4K resolution and 60 FPS, which is a big jump from the 720p and 30 FPS limit of the PS3. Still, there is a lack of online servers which means it is not possible to get the full experience on PC or PS3.

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