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Sony Patent Shows AI-Powered App To Help Gamers With PlayStation Assist

Sony is reportedly working on an AI-powered voice assistant service for games. It will be called PlayStation Assist according to a patent.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has its own division that can file patent incorporating technology that can be used in their hardware. This is how fans were able to discover the backward compatibility support for the PlayStation 5, and it was later confirmed by Sony itself.

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The most recent patent that was filled by Sony seems to hint at a new AI-powered voice assistant service. This comes in an age where Google has its own version of voice assistant along with Amazon with their Alexa, and Apple with Siri. In the case of Sony, it seems to be aimed at gamers since the name of this application is called PlayStation Assist.

As shared by analyst Daniel Ahmed on his Twitter, this will help gamers in locating various objectives or finding an item. They can ask their PlayStation for assisting them and the game will respond back to the request by making some changes to guide the player.

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This application will work in conjunction with the game running on the PlayStation 4. You can ask it for help to get details about the various secrets in the game like a particular weapon or item, and either it will be marked on the map or this application will assist you in getting to know more information about it.

This is merely a proof-of-concept patent for now but if Sony is serious in implementing it, this could make the jump to their upcoming next-generation console which is expected to launch in late 2020.

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