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Rumor: Ninja Theory Is Making a Story-Focused 4 Player Co-Op Game

Ninja Theory is apparently working on a 4 player co-op game with a focus on the story. It will be revealed at the upcoming E3 2019 press conference by Microsoft according to a rumor.

Ninja Theory’s latest game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice bought them critical acclaim. They were later bought by Microsoft and now are a part of the Microsoft Game Studios lineup that includes several other studios.

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Ninja Theory is already fast at work on their next project which is reportedly going to get announced at E3 2019 and launch in early 2020. This is according to a rumor that was posted on 4chan so we can’t really vouch for the legitimacy of it.

To summarize the details shared in the rumor, here’s what you can expect from the next game from Ninja Theory. Since E3 2019 is getting close, we might be able to see it in action if this turns out to be true.

  • Four player co-op sci-fi game with an emphasis on melee combat
  • Each character can pick different abilities for their secondary attacks
  • Gun, Trap, and Lasso is mentioned as an example that can be used like in Bulletstorm
  • There are 18 levels with six unique locations each
  • Each location will offer six levels and take around 90 minutes to complete
  • Each location ends with a boss fight that is on the same scale as God of War
  • The premise is that Earth is being invaded so you move to different planets who were invaded in the past
  • The goal is to find the creatures that are responsible for the invasion of Earth and other planets
  • The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 but it is a faster-paced game
  • This is the longest project developed by Ninja Theory and will be out in 2020 for PC and Xbox One

Most of the rumor sounds good but it is too early to tell if this will turn out to be the real deal. We are just reporting it as rumor and marking it as such, but it is interesting to share the details nonetheless.

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Ninja Theory has just released Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for the Nintendo Switch. It was already out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC but the Nintendo Switch version was released just recently.

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