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Nintendo Direct September Date Has Leaked, Here’s When It Is Coming

Nintendo Direct rumors are a mixed bag when it comes to their reliability, however, if they come from a credible source, they are hard to prove wrong.

One of the newest rumors regarding a Nintendo Direct is that it is out pretty soon. As we have reported earlier this week, there was a leak from GameStop that confirmed multiple game entries for the Nintendo Switch. They were all new SKUs for the Nintendo Switch which has happened in the past when there was a Nintendo Direct along with new game announcements.

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Emily Rogers has a built a following among the Nintendo community and she has been the source of leaks in the past. She has a good track record with them. She has shared information on when the next Nintendo Direct will happen.

nintendo direct september 2019

In a post that was made on ReseteERA, She talked about the announcement of the Nintendo Direct which has been rumored for a while now. She said that the date can be changed in the last minute but it will be shown in the first week of September.

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This showcase will cover the games that are coming for the Nintendo Switch in the Autumn and Winter season. This period covers from September 2019 to March 2020. Nintendo wants to get these announcements out of the way before the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

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