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Control Console Performance Will Be Improved In An Upcoming Patch

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they are planning to release an update to fix the performance of Control on Consoles. They are also looking into HDR.

Control is a brand new third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment that was developed on their Northlight Engine. Remedy has previously used it to develop Quantum Break which only launched for PC and Xbox One. Control was their first multi-platform project and while the game looks stunning on consoles, it is not without some drawbacks.

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The performance of the game can drop especially on the original Xbox One and PS4 consoles. It is somewhat much better on the PS4 Pro, as we have explained in our review. Despite this, it is not optimal and doesn’t seem to hold stable 30 FPS on any console iteration.

Remedy has shared a blog post detailing the changes that they are planning to implement in the coming days. This includes improvements to RTX on PC, console optimization, HDR, Photo Mode, and much more.

  • PC RTX Issues
  • Motion Blur
  • Map
  • General Improvements
  • HDR

Control is a psychological third-person shooter that gives the players a lot of superhuman abilities. They can throw objects or explode them which means the game has plenty of intense physics when the action gets hot. As a result, the performance can drop a lot during heated battles. This will be hopefully fixed with an update to the console version.

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If you want to grab Control, it is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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