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Crash Team Racing Spyro & Friends Grand Prix Challenges and Rewards

Crash Team Racing update 1.09 has added support for Spyro & Friends Grand Prix. Here are the quick, weekly, daily, themed, and pro challenges and their rewards.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is a remake of the original PS1 kart-racing game that was developed by Naughty Dog. It was remade by Beenox and published by Activision. The new Spyro & Friends Grand Prix brings Spyro The Dragon along with some other characters as part of a new crossover for the series.

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There have been a total of three Grand Prix released so far. The first was Nitro Tour adding Tawna Bandicoot followed by Back N. Time that added the Baby version of Crash Bandicoot and friends.


Crash Team Racing Spyro & Friends Grand Prix Challenges and Rewards

Quick Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Coming in FirstWin a race in any mode.100
Fashion ShowCustomize a kart and drive it.100
Dr. N. Tropy’s ApprenticeComplete a Time Trial.100
Online RacerComplete a race in Online Matchmaking.100
Window ShoppingVisit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offers.100

Daily Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Can’t beat the juice!Use a Juiced Up Power Up in a race or battle.50
Crystal PoacherCollect a total of 5 crystals in Crystal Grab with either Dingodile, Tiny Tiger or Fake Crash.100
Expert StuntmanPerform 10 trick jumps with Dingodile.75
I Like Blowing Things Up!During races, throw a Power Up on 1 other Power Up with Dingodile.100
Multi HitsHit an opponent with a Power Up in an Online Matchmaking race.75
Power Up MasterHit an opponent 3 times with a Invincibility Mask using Dingodile.75
Sliding Your Way ThroughPerform a Power Slide.100
The Path is the Other Way AroundComplete Dingo Canyon in Mirror Mode.75
Whack a DummyUse the Bomb successfully against an AI while racing in Dingo Canyon.75
Wumpa CollectorCollect 10 Wumpa Fruit in a Single Race in Dingo Canyon.100

Weekly Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Aku-Aku’s AllyHit a total of 25 characters on Uka-Uka’s team.200
Crate BreakerBreak a total of 75 Power Up, Wumpa or Activation crates.250
Friendly MeetingRace online against one of your friends.300
King of BoostingActivate Turbo Boost a total of 50 times.250
Online ChampionWin 3 races in Online Matchmaking driving either Team Oxide, Gnasty Ride or Deadinator kart body.250
Relay Race – Part 1Complete 6 laps with Polar.150
Relay Race – Part 2Complete 6 laps with Komodo Joe.150
Relay Race – Part 3Complete 6 laps with Spyro.150
Super Charged Boost!Accumulate a total of 200 seconds of Air Time.300
The Cup Is MirrorComplete a Cup in Mirror Mode.175
Time-SavingUse shortcuts 15 times in any of CTR tracks this week.150
Track ExplorerComplete Mystery Caves, Roo’s Tubes, Dragon Mines, Dingo Canyon and Tiger Temple.250

Themed Challenges​

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
All Around The MirrorWin 15 races in Mirror Mode this season.350
Better than YourselfEstablish a best time in Time Trial in Spyro Circuit then beat it.500
Check out my New RidePlay in Online Matchmaking using the Gnasty Ride kart body.400
Friend or Foe?Win a race against one of your friends online in Spyro Circuit.600
Fun with LettersComplete the CTR challenge in Spyro Circuit.500
N.Sane PodiumFinish on the podium in Adventure Mode with each of the Grand Prix characters.500
Power Sliding to the LimitPower slide for a total of 180 seconds with Spyro.400
Racing TeamWin a race with each of the Grand Prix characters.500
Relic CollectorComplete successfully a Relic Race in Spyro Circuit.500
Shiny New ToysRace with one of these karts fully customized: Spyromobile, Gnasty Ride or Team Oxide.400

Pro Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
All those Shortcuts!Use all the shortcuts in Papu’s Pyramid.350
Back Into the RaceWin a race in Online Matchmaking while being 8th position at the start of the last lap.500
Beat the BestBeat the Platinum Relic time in Coco Park.500
Blue Fire All the Way!Complete 2 consecutive laps with Blue Fire out of the exhaust.750
Crate ShattererBreak all Time Crates in Sewer Speedway Relic Race.500
Got my StarBeat a Dr. N. Tropy Ghost.400
Gasmoxia is YoursBeat Oxide’s Ghost in Polar Pass.750
Start Your EnginePerform 20 perfect boosts at the start of a race.400
The Podium is YoursStand on the online podium with each of the Grand Prix characters.500
Twice the FunHit 2 opponents with a single Bowling Bomb.500

The daily challenges will be reset after 24 hours while the weekly challenges are updated every Friday. As for the rest, you can take a look at the list to find out the challenges and their rewards.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can have a look at our review for the game to find out more about it.

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