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Nintendo Switch Has Sold 18 Million Units In Japan, On Pace To Surpass Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch is seeing an unprecedented level of success in not just Japan but the whole world. It is on pace to surpass the sales of the Nintendo 3DS.

Famitsu has released its latest sales result for the Nintendo Switch. In the last week, the hybrid console moved 110K more units bumping its life-to-date sales to 18.1 million in Japan. This is a massive number considering Switch launched back in March 2017 and has been in the market for just under four years.

2021 is also a year where the Nintendo Switch has opened to higher sales than any of its preceding years with a cumulative year-to-date sales of 760K compared to 565K for 2019. It is currently on pace to outsell the Nintendo 3DS launch aligned. If we compare the sales of both hardware, Switch is at 18.1 million in its 204 weeks while the Nintendo 3DS had sold 18.16 million during that time.

nintendo switch

The life-to-date sales of the Nintendo 3DS are 24.65 million in Japan. Nintendo Switch sold a little under 6 million last year, and if it continues the current pace, there is a good chance the console can end up selling over 6 million due to games like Monster Hunter Rise, and a rumored new Pokémon Remake.

Nintendo has yet to reveal their big games for later this year so there is a probable chance that they might have some big plans this year with an upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel, and additional high-profile projects. Mario is also making a return this year with the launch of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury in February. All of these should contribute to the sales of the Switch and help it achieve a new record-breaking year in Japan.

Based on the sales trajectory, it is reasonable to assume that the Switch should be able to surpass the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS. However, it might have a hard time reaching sales of the most successful Nintendo handheld, Nintendo DS, which sold more than 32 million units in Japan.

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