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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.0.0 Reportedly Adds Internal Dock Update Support

Nintendo Switch has been updated to version 12.0.0 and this comes with some hidden changes as discovered in the datamine of the firmware.

While the official changelog for this firmware mentions that it is related to the save data backup feature. There was an issue with this feature that resulted in the data not being backed up and getting interrupted in the middle, which has been resolved now with the new firmware update.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.0.0 Changelog

We fixed the issue with the save data backup feature, where in rare cases, the automatic backup of save data is interrupted if a communication error occurs during completion of the save data backup process.

  • For steps on how to check if the error is occurring or what to do if the error has already occurred, you may find this information helpful

nintendo switch firmware update

This is listed on the official support website. However, according to users who have managed to datamine the new additions in the firmware, there are some internal changes that could be in preparation for the rumored new 4K Switch.

Another popular modder suggests that this update has added the ability to update the dock for the Switch. This could be one of the features that can be potentially used in a new hardware revision. It has been rumored that the new Switch will come with an updated dock that can output in 4K.

However, all of this is pure speculation at this point. While it is certainly possible that this new reference has been added to the Nintendo Switch with a firmware update, there is no official announcement of a potential new hardware revision so we can only speculate for now.

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