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Nintendo Switch Lite Reportedly Has Joy-Con Drift and D-Pad Issues

Nintendo Switch Lite is out now so as more users are getting their hands on the console, reports are emerging of some potential issues faced by them.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are notorious for suffering from a drifting issue after extended use, and this problem escalated so much that there was the fear of a potential lawsuit as well. It would have been a no brainer then to make sure that any new hardware doesn’t suffer from the same problem but as per the early reports, it has been reproduced in the Nintendo Switch Lite as well.

Nintendo Switch Lite is the newest version of the hybrid Nintendo hardware that drops the home console advantage in favor of a more portable experience. It is available to purchase now from various retail sources and as more users are getting their hands on the console itself, it has led to reports of problems faced by the console.

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Two specific issues seem to be more common than others. One if the Joy-Con drift issue that seems to occur in the Nintendo Switch Lite. What makes it worse here is that the Joy-Con controllers in Lite are not replaceable and can’t be removed, unlike the regular Switch. Here is a video of the issue of drifting on the Lite hardware.

The user shared a follow-up video which showed that this might be a minor issue but it shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

The other problem that is being reported by some users is the d-pad being unable to offer proper diagonal inputs. This was reported and shared in a video by the user which shows him playing A Link to the Past on the Nintendo Switch. The diagonal inputs are a little hard to register so they have to be pressed with more pressure.

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This problem is also another one that has been reported by some but others never faced both of these issues. At the end of the day, there is always a chance of some defect due to manufacturing process as we saw with almost every console but if the problem becomes widespread, we might be able to find out with time as more people get their hands on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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