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Next Batman Arkham Game Details Have Been Possibly Confirmed

Batman Arkham fans are excited again after Warner Bros. Montreal started to tease their new project, and now the details on it might have been leaked.

As we covered the tease earlier, Warner Bros. Montreal had shared a video celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman. Those with an eye to detail were able to figure out that the video had hidden four different symbols. These symbols seemingly hinted at the next Batman Arkham game featuring the Court of Owls storyline.

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More evidence has now emerged including a deleted tweet from Scott Snyder who has worked as a writer on Batman, basically confirmed that this game will feature Court of Owls.

Court of Owls is supposedly the villains for the next Batman Arkham game. Warner Bros. Montreal followed up their earlier teaser with a video that had the text in a caption, Capture the Knight. This could be another reference to the faction of Court of Owls, which can also feature the return of Ra’s al Ghul.

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Warner Bros. Montreal was already confirmed to work on a brand new DC franchise video game and knowing that their last project was Batman Arkham Origins and their history with the series, it is not surprising to see them working on a brand new game. It hasn’t been officially revealed yet but both Sony and Microsoft are hosting their State of Play and Inside Xbox Presentations later on September 24. The community manager at Warner Bros. Montreal had also hinted at a new announcement soon.

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