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Nintendo Wii U Firmware Update Version 5.5.4 U Released

Nintendo has seemingly released a new update today for the Nintendo Wii U bumping it up to version 5.5.4 U. This new update seems to have raised some curious eyebrows considering how long it has taken for the last update.

Nintendo has done this again recently with an update for Nintendo 3DS. This update is not the only thing that they have released as Nintendo Switch was updated as well. All of these minor updates have been released within a short while of each other but without any noticeable improvements to consider updating the system.

It has been close to a whole year since the last system software update was released for the Nintendo Wii U. As a result, the community is curious to see what changes have been introduced in the new Wii U update 5.5.4 U but the official support website doesn’t seem to offer any insight on it for now.

Since Wii U was hacked wide open and anyone who had access to it could use the method to make their Wii U support running backups, Nintendo has usually tried to combat this issue by releasing a new firmware update. From an early look at this update, it doesn’t seem to stop piracy on the console either.

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In the past, the firmware update for Nintendo Wii U came with the following changelog.

Version 5.5.3 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements:

Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Don’t expect anything different for this new Wii U update 5.5.4 U either, since it is possible that the changelog if the website is updated, will remain the same just like it was the case with the Nintendo 3DS.

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