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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update 11.10.0-43U Is Out Now

Nintendo 3DS firmware update was released today after more than six months. This new update changelog suggests that we might be looking at a minor firmware update.

N3DS users can now download a fresh firmware after more than six months of lack of updates. As good as this might sound, the firmware that was released today doesn’t seem to do anything substantial. Nintendo has shared a changelog for it on their support website.

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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update 11.10.0-43U comes with the following changes as shared by Nintendo.

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Before the release of this update, N3DS was officially on firmware update version 11.09.0. It has been patched now to firmware update version 11.10.0. This could be an attempt to stop others from hacking their 3DS systems since piracy has started to take hold on the Nintendo 3DS through various exploits.

After supporting 3DS for so long, Nintendo is now silently dropping any support for the support as their focus shifts to the Nintendo Switch. 3DS still remains their only portable hardware but there are rumors that they will release a portable revision for the Nintendo Switch hardware later this year.

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The last major N3DS update was 9.6.0-24U which implemented some new changes to home menu, themes, and improved overall system stability.

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