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Nioh 2 PC Performance Guide: How To Fix Low FPS and Stuttering Issue

Nioh 2 Complete Edition is a decent port overall on PC but there are some performance issues including stuttering and low fps. Here’s how to fix them.

Nioh 2 is finally available on PC with the Complete Edition that brings in all of the post-launch DLC that has been released for it so far. The game is already a success on Steam becoming the best launch for a Koei Tecmo game and managing more than 4x the concurrent users of the first Nioh.

While the game appears to work fine, for the most part, there are reports of the performance being erratic and dropping in certain sequences. Here’s a guide that can help you troubleshoot most of these issues.

Nioh 2 PC Performance Guide

One of the issues that is being reported by players is related to the game dropping frame rate when there are a lot of particles on the screen. Fortunately, this is a rather easy fix to attempt on PC but requires a minor sacrifice.

Disable Particle Effects

If you are one of the users who is affected by the performance issue for Nioh 2, the fix is to simply turn off particle effects and then restarted the game. This should resolve the issue with the frame rate dropping randomly when there are a lot of particles on the screen.

Lock Frame Rate To 50 FPS

If you are having issues with frame pacing in the game, one of the solutions is to lock the frame rate to 50 FPS. This will resolve the issue with frame pacing in Nioh 2 on PC.

Aside from these tweaks, if you are still facing issues, you can try to attempt the usual troubleshooting methods that are used for every game on PC. This includes updating your graphics driver (Nvidia or AMD) or making sure that your system and game is up-to-date with the latest version installed.

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