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Nioh Update 1.23 and Nioh 2 Update 1.24 Prepares The Game For PS5

Nioh and its sequel have been updated today by Team Ninja ahead of the launch of the complete edition for the PS5. This update adds cross-save support.

First up, we have a general update for Nioh and its complete edition on PS4 that “expands functionality”. If you have the game installed, it should be patched to version 1.23 on PS4.

Next up, we have a major update for Nioh 2 and its complete edition on PS4. This appears to add cross-save support for the game so that users can transfer their PS4 save data to the PS5. Keep in mind this support isn’t likely included in the original Nioh.

Nioh 2 Update 1.24 Patch Notes

Additional functions

  • Cross-save management function added
    You can select this function via the SYSTEM option at the title screen.
    Save data from the PS4 version can be uploaded, then downloaded to the PS5 version, allowing you to continue playing. (It is also possible to transfer from the PS5 version to the PS4 version.)
    – To download the save data, access must be done through the same PSN account as the one originally used to upload.
    – Trophies are handled differently in the PS5 and PS4 versions. Some trophies that have already been earned (those that are difficult to earn again) will be automatically acquired when the save data is loaded.
  • PS5 version cross-matching support
    -The PS5 version does not allow matching by Friends. To play with a specific user, please use a password.


    • The following bosses’ Burst Attacks have been adjusted to make them easier to Burst Counter.
      • Nue’s biting Burst Attack
      • Shuten Doji’s fire-breathing Burst Attack
      • Otakemaru’s rushing Burst Attack
  • The equipment selected as the base will now remain selected after Soul Matching has been performed
  • On the Expedition preparation screen for Picture Scroll missions, ‘Destroy’ can now be selected in the Selection Settings under ‘Choose Mission’
  • Kodama can no longer hide while the onmyo Magic Fire, Water, or Lightning Familiar Talismans are active

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the First Active Skill, ‘Battering Ram’, caused unnatural pushback when performed against a wall
    • Fixed an issue where Uminyudo would recover from any ‘Curse of…’ applied to it upon returning to the water
    • Fixed an issue where the Kamaitachi appearing in The Crucible would sometimes climb over steps
    • Fixed an issue where you could not dispel Kashin Koji’s phantom bullet attack using a Barrier Talisman
    • Fixed a bug where you could Burst Counter a number of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Yoki’s non-Burst Attacks
    • Fixed an issue in the main mission ‘Dawn of the Demon’ and the Twilight Mission ‘The Cradle of the Demon’ where Sudama that had retreated would respawn
    • Fixed an issue in the Twilight Mission, ‘The Cradle of the Demon’, where enemies could find the player while they were praying at a certain shrine
    • The name of the Uesugi’s Crest Protection ‘Nullify Damage (Purification)’ has been changed to ‘Protection (Purification)’ to match its actual effect
    • Fixed an issue in which the following effects were not activated when the status effect ‘Purified’ or ‘Sanctity Talisman’ was present:
      • Onmyo Magic items: Fire, Water, or Lightning Familiar Talismans
      • Special Effect: ‘Ultimate Constitution’
      • ‘Calming Breath’ from the Guardian Spirit, Ho-oh
      • Switchglaive Active Skill: ‘ Whirling Blade’
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the Guardian Spirit’s Protection, ‘Calming Breath’ would sometimes fail to take effect when discovered by a Sudama
  • Fixed an issue where the special effect ‘Ominous Pact’ would not be removed by Anima recovery caused by picking up a Soul Core
  • Fixed an issue where the Guardian Spirit Protection, ‘Anima Bonus (Ranged Hit)’, did not take effect when hitting an enemy with an arrow explosion while the Ninja Skill ‘Fire: Explosive Arrow was active
  • Fixed an error in the description of the ‘Purified’ status ailment in the Effect Icon List
  • Fixed an issue where the special effect ‘Death Dancer’ would sometimes lose count when a player is hit by an enemy attack during a Feral Burst Counter
  • Fixed an error in the descriptions of the Suiki and Nightmare Bringer’s weaknesses in ‘Yokai Illustrations’

You can grab Nioh 1-2 The Complete Collection on Amazon if you prefer a retail copy, or get them through the PlayStation Store.

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