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No Man’s Sky Update 2.12: What’s New and What Are Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky has been updated to version 2.12 for consoles today. It has already received an update on PC that was a part of the experimental branch.

Hello Games has released the Beyond update for No Man’s Sky early in August implementing several major changes and including free content. This also means the implementation of the PSVR and PCVR support for the game. In addition to this, the game now supports 16 player multiplayer. Most of the new changes can be found in this article.

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Following up the Beyond update, there were numerous patches released for No Man’s Sky. Most of these are aimed at fixing the bugs that have started to crop up after the Beyond update. Some of these patches also included optimization and performance improvements.

The last experimental patch that was released on PC had an interesting tidbit hidden in the changelog. It teased that Hello Games had optimized the game further for PSVR and PCVR. The full patch notes for the last experimental update included several fixes that haven’t been implemented for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Here are the two important fixes that were implemented for PSVR users in this update. It is not confirmed if the changes are a part of No Man’s Sky update 2.12 but they are usually included in such cases.

  • Introduced a number of PC VR and PSVR rendering optimisations.
  • Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.

No Man’s Sky initially launched for PS4 and PC. It was later ported to the Xbox One with Next update and it has now been further improved with a Beyond update.

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