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FIFA 20 Day One Update and FUT 20 Icons Pitch Notes Are Out

FIFA 20 day one update is reportedly out as the game launch is getting closer. EA Sports has also shared a FUT 20 Icons Pitch Notes detailing all changes.

FIFA 20 is the yearly update for the sports franchise that is developed by EA Sports. They have continued to launch the game almost every year. During some years, the change is massive while at other time, it is usually circumstantial and mostly involves making balance and gameplay adjustments.

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The day one update for FIFA 20 is available now for those who have managed to gain early access to the game. It should bee noted that some game critics and reviewers usually get early access in such cases and hence this update is meant for them. It will patch FIFA 20 to version 1.01 on the PS4. This update is roughly 350 MB in size.

Next are the FUT 20 Icons Pitch Notes which were shared by Yahsir Qureshi, Live Producer on FIFA Ultimate Team. They are quite lengthy and detailed and can be read from this blog post here. He also shared the three goals that they have set for Icons in FUT 20.

  • To communicate as clearly as we can about ICONs in FUT 20.
  • To encourage greater variety in squad building throughout FUT 20.
  • To improve the accessibility and availability of ICONs throughout FUT 20.

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If you haven’t managed to find the new FIFA interesting, there is a demo available for it right now. You can also download the FUT Web app ahead of the launch to manage your FUT 20 team.

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