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Death Stranding Was Developed With Just 80 People, Says Kojima

Death Stranding is an upcoming PS4 exclusive from Hideo Kojima. It was first announced in 2016 and will be launching later this year in November.

Death Stranding is the production of Hideo Kojima who left Konami in 2015 and then formed his own studio, Kojima Productions. He created a brand new IP with Death Stranding that was revealed in a trailer during E3 2016. Despite starting from scratch with a new studio, the game is expected to arrive in November this year.

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Hideo Kojima had received some help from developers like Guerrilla Games who allowed him to use their Decima game engine to create Death Stranding. It is an open-world game with a unique twist and offers the lengthy story cutscenes that Kojima is usually known to include in his games. It also has plenty of his trademark humor included in it.

Death Stranding has received a lot of new gameplay footage at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event. Kojima was also interviewed by GameSpot in which he shared some details on the development of the game.

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In reply to a question asking about the quick turnaround time for Death Stranding, Kojima explained how it was possible for him to create this new IP from scratch.

“One of the reasons it’s fast is because I do all the planning, design, and produce, and that kind of forces me to make quick decisions, ” said Kojima.

“There’s no time lag. Like other developers might have different people doing boss battles, and different people doing the cutscenes–it’s a bit chaotic when they have to pull everything together. But our team is only about 80 people, usually other big teams are 300 or 600. So that’s what–with the short amount of time and [fewer] amount of people, and the direct feedback I give–allows me to make this game in this time.”

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There was never any official number shared on the number of developers that were working on Death Stranding, but Kojima has now confirmed that the game was created with just 80 people, which is highly impressive. It likely doesn’t include any of the outsourcing that is common in the industry today.

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