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In Death Stranding Sam Can Punch The Player If Caught Zooming On His Crotch

Hideo Kojima is known to hide a lot of easter eggs in his games. He is known to spend a lot of time in making sure his games have attention to detail, and Death Stranding is no exception.

In the most recent gameplay video for Death Stranding, there was a moment in the demo footage when Kojima was showing the private room gameplay. In this room, players can rest and do different activities like taking a bath. During the demonstration, Kojima also showed a little attention to detail that he had implemented for humor in the game.

death stranding sam punch

If you try to zoom in too much on Norman Reedus’ crotch, he can punch you in the face. There is also some other fourth wall breaking moments in this private room like Sam acknowledging the existence of the player controlling him in the game.

Death Stranding has received some criticism recently because of its lack of gameplay details. The game is close to its launch and will be released exclusively for the PS4 on November 8, 2019. Despite that, there was a lack of information on the gameplay loop which was clarified by Kojima in a demonstration at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

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Kojima has further shown some gameplay today focusing on social interaction and peaceful moments of Death Stranding. Norman Reedus stars as Sam in the game and he will be able to rest in a place called the private room. The video above is taken from the demonstration of this private room.

Death Stranding has an all-star Hollywood cast with Léa Seydoux, Mad Mikkelson, Lindsey Wagner, and Margaret Qualley. The supporting cast also includes Guillermo Del. Toro and Troy Baker. It is being produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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