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Death Stranding Gets a Lengthy 50 Minute Gameplay Footage

Kojima Productions has shared a lengthy 50 minutes worth of gameplay footage from Death Stranding giving fans an in-depth look at the game.

Death Stranding is a brand new IP from Kojima Productions that they are developing exclusively for the PS4. This new game has a strange concept that is not easy to grasp. At its core, it is a mere walking simulator but with a lot of different gameplay mechanics that are in place to support combat, traversal, and more. The storytelling happens in a trademark Kojima style with lengthy cutscenes.

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After the gameplay demo at Gamescom, a lot of fans were anxious to find out more about the game. Kojima had promised a lengthy gameplay demo which is just one of the many demonstrations that will happen until the launch of the game in November. In the demonstration today, we can see a good chunk of the gameplay loop.

Ahead of the gameplay, there was a new briefing trailer shared that gives an overview of the story and concepts present in Death Stranding. This was first leaked through and off-camera recording and now it is available in high-quality through official channels.

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Death Stranding has multiple retail editions and a release date set for later in November. It is out exclusively for the PS4 but there has been some doubt over a potential PC version later down the line. Kojima has used the Decima Engine developed by Guerrilla Games to create this new IP.

death stranding tgs gameplay

The game has an all-star Hollywood cast with Léa Seydoux, Mad Mikkelson, Lindsey Wagner, and Margaret Qualley. The supporting cast also includes Guillermo Del. Toro and Troy Baker. The game is slated for a launch on November 8, 2019.

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