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Persona 5 Royal Gets Female Protagonist Through Fan-Made Mod

Sega and Atlus’ role-playing game, Persona 5 Royal, has received a female protagonist courtesy of a fan-made mod on PC.

The fan-made mod for Persona 5 Royal allows you to assume the role of a female protagonist both in battle and the overworld. The mod features new costumes/models, animations, textures, voice lines, field dialogue, and more. Songwriter and DJ Alexa Farron has performed voice overs for female Joker.

Persona 5 royal female protagonist

The mod can be applied to existing playthroughs, and doesn’t require a fresh start. It has been in development for quite some time, and has now been made playable for the public.

New features include new models for battle costumes, including DLC ones, new audio clips for battle (except Showtimes), system, and overworld for Joker in both Japanese and English, changed dialogue in Persona fusion events, Shadow negotiations, and non-main story events in Palaces and Mementos, changed Jose field dialogue in Mementos, changed dialogue for Mementos conversations, changed dialogue for Safe Rooms, new in-battle graphics, retargeted battle animations and Metaverse field animations, including those for the Velvet Room, changed social stat name labels, changed tutorial/story summary text, tweaked Shadow Kamoshida boss battle, and changed equip-ability of all Protectors.

The overworld features new models for everyday outfits (e.g. winter and summer uniforms, third semester outfits),new models for event-specific/special outfits (e.g. incognito hoodie, flashback outfit), new loading screen sprites, overworld field animations, event animations, changes to Ann’s Confidant, tweaked bathrooms at Shujin, tweaked Thieves Den conversations, changed overworld NPC dialogue for Kichijoji, Akihabara, Shibuya Underground Mall, Shibuya Underground Walkway, Jinbocho, Kanda Church, Untouchable (Airsoft Shop), and other minor tweaks.

Meanwhile, romance options have remained the same i.e. four male (Ryuji, Yusuke, Mishima, Akechi) and four female (Haru, Hifumi, Takemi, Ann) characters. Kasumi will still have romantic feelings for the protagonist as per her Confidant, but the modder has no plans to make her a romance option.

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