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Persona 5: The Royal Announced With a Mysterious Female Character

Atlus has announced Persona 5: The Royal which is a brand new edition of Persona 5 teasing a mysterious new female character.

Persona 5: The Royal is currently listed for the PS4 on the official website so there is no mention of this game coming to any other platform.

More information on Persona 5: The Royal will be shared on April 24, 2019. In the meanwhile, you can check out the official website.

Atlus first started teasing Persona 5 announcements at the end of last year. They announced a set of Persona 5: R projects that were initially confirmed for the PS4. The original Persona 5 was also released exclusively for the PS3 and PS4 but lacked a female main character.

Update: The trailer suggests that she is not the main character but rather works against the Phantom Thieves. Here is a translated version of the dialogue from the trailer.

Male: What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?
Female: I think helping people is a wonderful thing. But if I had to choose, I wouldn’t say I like them. That won’t truly reform the world — won’t really help people, I feel. Ultimately, I feel it has to be up to the people themselves to solve their own problems.

There was an announcement trailer shared along with Persona 5: The Royal. It doesn’t reveal much expect to give a tease at the female character.

This is not the first time a Persona game has received a female main character. Persona 3 Portable was an enhanced release of the original Persona 3 and it also included the option of a playable male or female main character.

Persona 5: The Royal is currently rumored to release at the end of this year. You can get more information on the project on April 24, 2019, but make sure to check out the official website in the meanwhile.

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