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PlayStation Is Reportedly Working on a Brand New Horror IP For PS5

Sony PlayStation might not have much in terms of new announcements right now but they are getting a lot of rumors and speculation including a horror game.

Sony is launching its next-generation console, PlayStation 5, in Holiday 2020. They haven’t shared any details on what they are planning for the console including its launch line-up and price but there are many rumors out there for it. One of the rumors talks about Sony Interactive Entertainment working on a brand new horror IP.

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The source of this rumor is an insider Emre Kaye who has posted about it on his Twitter account. He didn’t really dive into any details but just clarify that he has heard about Sony working on a new horror IP, supposedly for the PlayStation 5.

The keyword to look out for here is “new” since Sony did publish a horror game in the past called Siren. It was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan which then later went on to work on the Gravity Rush series. This new horror IP can be different from Siren otherwise it wouldn’t be considered as “new’ unless the insider is mistaken.

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Regardless, Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to share any details on their next-generation plans and they did release plenty of new IPs this generation for the PS4 including one that was considered as “horror” and turned out to be Days Gone–an open world zombie survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio.

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