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PlayStation Store Gets User-Made Dark Theme, Here’s How To Use It

PlayStation Store has received a redesign recently, however, if you are up for some customization, here’s how you can change to a user-made dark theme.

The official redesign of the PlayStation Store went live last week in Europe and the United States. It features a white theme setup with space for further customization down the line. However, in some aspects, it is also a downgrade from the previous design because it has removed wishlists and listings for the PS Vita and PS3.

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A user has now created a custom black theme for the PlayStation Store. It makes to some of the design, however, it mostly focuses on a black presentation compared to the overly white for the new design.

playstation store dark theme custom

The user who shared this creation on reddit has also explained how to use it on your computer. It was made using the Stylus browser extension. He warns that there might be some glitches with the theme since it is still in the early stages. The code of the theme can be accessed here and it will be later available through the UserStyles website.

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You will need the Stylus extension just make sure that you add the option of “Applies to: URLs on the domain” for “store.playstation.com” at the bottom. It was tested on the Firefox browser.

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