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Pokémon Sword and Shield Fossils and Where To Find All of Them

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring a new way to find and capture Fossil Pokémon. Here’s how you can get all of the Fossil Pokémon.

In this guide, we will tell you how to get all the fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While walking through the game on the path to Stow-on-Side, you will meet with Cara Liss. She is the one who is in charge of the Pokemon Sword and Shield fossils. She will tell you that she can create a Pokemon by combining two fossils. This depends on the version of the game and will be different depending on whether you are playing Sword or Shield.

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As there are two versions of Sword and Shield, each version has two fossils in it. Through this guide, you will be able to know the various combinations of Pokemon Sword and Shield fossils. There is a total of four fossils: Dracovish, Dracozolt, Arctovish, and Arctozolt. You can get them in Pokemon Sword and Shield depending on the version.

pokemon sword and shield fossils

How To Get All Pokémon Sword and Shield Fossils

As we told you before that there is a total of four different fossils in Sword and Shield, and you will be wondering that is there any chance to get your hands on all the four fossils because each version has two exclusive fossils. Below we have mentioned the name of fossils with the name of the version of the game.

  • Fossilized Bird (Sword)
  • Fossilized Dino (Sword)
  • Fossilized Drake (Shield)
  • Fossilized Fish (Shield)

To get all the four fossils in the same version is not easy but it’s not impossible either. In order to get all the four fossils in the same version, you will have to find a person with the other version of the game with whom you can trade the Pokemon and get all types of Pokemon Sword and Shield fossils. There are four possible combinations of fossils and the Pokemon you get as the result :

  • Fossilized Bird + Dino: Arctozolt (Electric/Ice-type)
  • Fossilized Bird + Fish: Arctovish (Water/Ice-type)
  • Fossilized Drake + Dino: Dracozolt (Electric/Dragon-type)
  • Fossilized Drake + Fish: Dracovish (Water/Dragon-type)

There are two methods available to get your hands on the fossils. You will be able to find one fossil lying on Route 6 near Cara Liss Location. To get the other fossil you will have to go inside the Stow-on-Side Pokemon Centre down the road. Inside the center, you will find a man. Talk with him and he will give you the other fossil. After getting the other fossil, you have to go back to Cara Liss and she will create your first Pokemon from fossils.

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There are limited sources to get fossils in Sword and Shield, so in order to get more fossils in the game, you will need to talk and hire the Digging Duo brothers in the Wild Area. They will take 500W to do mining for you. Through mining, they will find many rewards for you, but in order to get fossils, you will have to pay them enough so dig deep to find the endless source of fossils.

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