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Prince of Persia Remake Comparison Shows Improvement In New Build

Prince of Persia Remake trailer was confirmed to be an old build by Ubisoft India. A new screenshot now shows an improved build from the game.

Ubisoft recently confirmed that Prince of Persia: Sands of Time will be remade with new visuals and showed the game with a trailer. There was a lot of criticism around the game due to the art style and visuals that looked incredibly dated.

As it turns out, the remake trailer was running an old build of the game. It was already labeled as the Alpha version in the reveal trailer but still, that didn’t stop fans from criticizing the current state of its visuals.

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In an interview with Gadgets360, it was explained that this remake is still a work in progress if this was already not obvious. However, the more interesting part of this article is the addition of a brand new image that appears to showcase an updated build for the game. The left image is from the old build while the right image is from the new build.

As the comparison image shows above, there is indeed an improvement in the newer build for the game. The most noticeable difference appears to be the character models which no longer have the plastic look to them. It is important to mention that this remake is being developed on the Anvil Engine, which also powers Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Ubisoft India is not a small studio either, but apparently only a small team is working on this remake.

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The original Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is widely regarded as a masterpiece. While it is a product of its time with now-dated game design and visuals, the remake appears to tackle this challenge with better visuals. The gameplay portion will be detailed in future updates that will reveal more information on the game.

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