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PS4 Firmware Update 10.71 Released, Here Are The Patch Notes

Sony has just released PS4 firmware update 10.71 which appears to be related to the improvements made in the system performance.

Just like the last time Sony released an update for the PS4, this one is a mandatory firmware update. It is required to be downloaded before any new games are played online, so if you are a frequent user of online multiplayer, this is essential to continue playing your favorite games.

PS4 Firmware Update 10.71 Patch Notes

Main features in the system software update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

This is the only set of changes listed by Sony on the patch notes. You can access them when you are updating your console.

While Sony is never clear on what type of changes they are making for their console, the PS4 has already completed its life cycle by now so most of the updates that it gets are related to fixing security exploits and now for new features. This update might be released to stop any potential exploits from running on the PS4 letting the user play homebrew on their console.

If you are one of the users who prefer to play homebrew on their console, it is not recommended to update the latest console.

PS4 was one of the most successful consoles released by Sony, just behind the PS2. It has sold more than 125 million units worldwide. Despite the launch of PS5, it continues to get support from developers with games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, and God of War Ragnarok. Sony plans to gradually shift their focus to the PS5 which means less first-party games going forward.

If you haven noticed any other changes after installing this firmware update, let us know about it in the comments below.

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