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PS4 Firmware Update 7.02 Offers Minor Performance Improvement

Sony has released PS4 firmware update 7.02 today. This is the second update for the PS4 in a relatively short time and it doesn’t seem to offer any major change.

PS4 firmware update 7.02 is available to download now and it is roughly 450 MB. The update size is around the same as the firmware update, which bumped the system software to 7.01.

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This one is another minor increment and the changelog also mentions that it only improves system performance.

Main features in version 7.02 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

If you want to get the recovery firmware for this new system software version, you need to download approximately one GB file. This can be used to recover and install the firmware in case it gets corrupt or if you are facing issues. This is also usually needed when upgrading to a higher capacity hard disk.

Sony hasn’t shared any details on what they have planned when it comes to future system software updates. They have already announced the successor for PS4 with the launch of PlayStation 5 scheduled for Holiday 2020. It is very unlikely that they will release any major software update in the near future. So far, the changelog mainly mentions system performance improvements which can amount to nothing for most of us.

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PS4 is one of the fastest-selling consoles for Sony and has surpassed the sales of PS1 and PS3. It has sold through more than 100 million units worldwide and places just behind the PS2.

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