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PS4 Shipments Top 112.3 Million, Sets Revenue Record For PlayStation

Sony has detailed its financial results for this quarter and shared an updated sales figure on PS4, which has passed more than 110 million units worldwide.

PS4 has shipped 1.9 million units in Q1 FY2020. This makes the total shipment for the console climb to 112.3 million units which is second to the PlayStation 2. It is the fastest and best selling Sony PlayStation console in a long time. The sales success of the PlayStation 4 is unprecedented but so is the sales of the software this quarter.

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According to Sony, they sold more than 90 million units of software on PlayStation 4. This is almost twice the record held by a precious sales quarter, which had 42.9 million units sold. Sony PlayStation is the only company to have sold more than 40 million units of software three times in a quarter. Another point to take into consideration here is the sales of digital games. The ratio of digital vs. retail sales was higher than it has ever been with a gigantic 74% this quarter.

ps4 sales update

PlayStation is enjoying the best fiscal year result including operating profit and revenue. It continues to set new sales records every year and the momentum hasn’t slowed down yet. The total number of PS Plus users has also jumped to 44.9 million subscribers as of Q1 FY2020.

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All of this should bode well for the company as it heads into the next-generation with the PlayStation 5. It is still on track to launch in Holiday 2020 and Sony had recently boosted the production of the console in order to meet the high demand it will face during the Holiday season.

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