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SoulCalibur 6 Update 2.21 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has released a brand new update today for SoulCalibur 6 which patches the game to version 2.21. Here’s what you need to know about it.

SoulCalibur 6 was recently confirmed to get a new season pass and one of the first fighters to join the roster is Setsuka. She is now available along with a major update that is out now on all platforms.

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The new update brings a free stage “Murakumo Shrine Grounds” and adds a paid DLC character: Setsuka. Some minor tweaks include the ability to quickly select characters in training mode, adding a toggle to determine if character equipment will be destroyed in battle, and minor bug fixes.

SoulCalibur 6 Update 2.21 Patch Notes

  • Added data for DLC Pack 11, “Setsuka”.
  • Adjusted balance and changed some in-battle behaviors.
  • Added data for DLC Pack 12, “Character Creation Set E.”
  • Added items and equipment for character creation (separate from DLC Packs 11 and 12).
  • Added the new stage “Murakumo Shrine Grounds”.
  • Fixed text errors.
  • Added a feature in Character Creation mode that toggles whether character equipment will be destroyed in battle.
  • Added Quick Character Selection to Training mode.
  • Added a feature to the options menu that toggles whether or not actions performed after a match has ended will be displayed on screen.
    Note: This feature only applies to online battles.
  • Fixed other bugs and improved certain features.
  • Fixed errors in certain parts of the text.

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Bandai Namco has continued to support their fighting games with new content. They have announced new season passes for the majority of their fighters including Tekken, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and SoulCalibur 6.

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