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Silent Hill Series Finally Gets An Official Twitter Account From Konami

Silent Hill series has been long neglected by Konami but now they are slowly starting to promote the franchise again as a new Twitter account has been discovered.

This account was created almost one month ago. It might not have a blue tick thus casting doubt over its official status but if we try to recover the account using the email method, it shows that the registered email belongs to an official Konami domain. Moreover, the official Konami account has also linked to it in a tweet.

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In the case of such registered emails, it is usually the company that makes these accounts in order to promote their products. In this case, they were promoting the Dead by Daylight DLC featuring Heather Mason and Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill has been rumored to make a comeback for a while now. While nothing official has come out on this front, if Konami is interested in marketing the series again, perhaps they have something to show for it as well. They have also made a tweet recently that talked about the siren in Silent Hill 2 and it has started a new debate among fans.

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The series was once considered the peak of survival horror games during the PlayStation 2 generation. It continued to get new games even on the Xbox 360 but that stopped with Silent Hill: Downpour, which was the last game released in the series.

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