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PS5 Error Codes Explained: How To Fix Every PS5 Error

Just like the PS4, there is a lot of error code that can come up during certain situations when using the PS5. Here’s a guide that explains all of them.

While the PlayStation 5 has been out for a relatively small amount of time and it still has to launch in the majority of the other countries, there are some issues that have been reported with the console. These issues might be minor but they can usually disrupt the experience of playing games and if they pop up frequently, it might be time to check and diagnostic the PS5.

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Here are some of the most common PS5 error codes that have been reported so far.

Error Code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0

This error code leads to the following message: “Unable to connect to the server.”

Those who own a PS4 might be familiar with this error message. It is fairly common to encounter if there is a big PSN server outage. In such a case, it is best to verify this by checking out Ask PlayStation on Twitter or heading to the official status page for the PlayStation Network.

If the servers are functional and there is no issue, you need to verify your PlayStation 5 connection and make sure that the console is actually connected to your router, whether through a wireless or wired network. Some routers might have issues connecting to the PlayStation 5 so in such a case, try a different router or update the firmware, in case there is an update available for it.

Error Code CE-108862-5

This error code leads to the following message: “Unable to connect to the server.”

While this message is similar to the previous one, the difference here is that it relates to the server of the game and not the PlayStation Network. If your connection is working fine along with the router, you need to go to Twiter and check out the official social media account of the game to verify if there are no server outages for the game.

Error Code CE-107520-5 / CE-108889-4

This error code leads to the following message: “Please install the latest system software.”

This is rather simple to explain. You will need to update to the latest system software update for the PlayStation 5. You can manually check for an update through the settings menu on the console, or go to Sony’s official website for PS5 updates and grab the latest update file from there. This update file can be installed through a USB drive.

Error Code CE-108255-1

This error code leads to the following message: “Something went wrong with this game or app.”

This usually leads to the game crashing to the dashboard while a dialog box pops up asking to send a report to Sony. In such a case, it is difficult to determine the exact nature of the crash. It can be faulty hardware, a faulty installation of the game, or something else altogether. If the issue doesn’t solve with a fresh install or a different disc while the game works fine on another console, then it might be the hardware. In such a case, it is best to get the hardware replaced by contacting Sony support.

Error Code NP-102955-2

This error code leads to the following message: “The account information is incorrect.”

This has to do with the PlayStation Network login information. They might be incorrectly entered so you need to make sure you are not making a mistake when entering your PSN account details. If you have forgotten your username or password details, it is best to contact Sony support as they might be able to help you recover it.

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There are more PS5 error codes that can be seen when using the console. They are present in a database by the PS5 subreddit so if you haven’t managed to solve your issue from this article, it is best to check the database for a solution. If nothing helps, you can always end up contacting Sony Support and see how it goes with them before figuring out the source of the problem.

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