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PS5 “Other” Storage Can Take Unnecessary Space, Here’s How To Remove It

PS5 comes with just 667 GB of storage out of the box and some of it will be occupied by the “Other” storage which hides games with active installations.

Sony has finally released the PS5 in most of the US and other major markets. As the console is getting in the hands of more users, there might be questions on how to save space on it considering there is no official external storage device available right now to expand space, unlike the Xbox Series X.

We have previously shared a tip on how to save some valuable storage space for the PlayStation 5. We are now going to explain the purpose of this “Other’ storage on the PlayStation 5.

ps5 other storage explained

What is The “Other” Storage?

This storage space is occupied by the important files that are required by the PS5 system software. This is not just limited to the operating system but files that are currently being processed in the background.

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Most users who are transferring their games from the PS4 to PS5 will see a rather large “Other” storage size during this process. It can feel intimidating at first especially if there are a lot of games to transfer, however, you need to keep in mind that the other storage is acting as temporary storage during this process that copies the PS4 data to the PS5. Once the entire installation process is done and the files are copied, the storage space will be cleared on the console.

How To Reduce “Other” Storage File Size On PS5?

The first thing that you need to make sure of is to check if there are any games currently being copied to the PS5. If you are transferring your PS4 data to the PlayStation 5, make sure that it is fully complete and there are no active installations currently going on the console.

You can check your active downloads to make sure that there is nothing being downloaded/installed on your PS5. You can press the PS button to bring the quick menu and see the status of any active downloads. This storage space is also reserved when copying patches, installing from discs, and so on. If you are downloading a massive update, this might increase in size so there is nothing to worry about in this case. Just make sure that the download is completed to get the size of “Other” storage reduced.

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