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PS5 Has a Slick Trophy Unlock Animation, See It In Action Here

PS5 trophy unlock animation is different from the PS4, and it looks great in motion. See how it works out in this small snippet of animation.

Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games has shared a new video showcasing the trophy unlock animation on PS5. He takes his first trophy on the PS5 and shows how it is different from the PS4.

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As we can see in the small snippet of the trophy unlock animation, PS5 will now record this footage of the trophy getting unlocked every time the player earns one in the game. The trophy unlock itself won’t show the animation but if the user plays back the video of them earning the trophy, it will be displayed in this way.

Sony had an automatic screenshot function for the PS4 that only saved the screenshot of a trophy unlocking the moment it happened in the game.

ps5 trophy unlock animation

This is different for the PS5 where the unlock happens as expected but the video is recorded up to the moment of the trophy unlock.

You can view the full video showing the animation which was shared by Kinda Funny on their YouTube Channel. Greg also explains how the trophy animation is different from the PS4 in the video. Update: The trophy icons have been changed on PS5 as per a recent leak.

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Sony has sent the press and influencers a retail version of the PS5 for review/preview and they are starting to go up beginning from today. This includes the unboxing of the console and previews for games that are launching with the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 will be out on November 12 in most major markets and November 19 for the rest of the world.

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