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Red Dead Redemption 2 HDR Is Finally Fixed In The New Update

Rockstar Games has released a major Red Dead Redemption 2 update today finally fixing the HDR implementation in the game. They did this by giving the players a choice between Cinematic and Game HDR.

If you have previously played RDR 2, the game reportedly shipped with a broken HDR implementation. This was fine for some users but it required a lot of tweaks to get the correct color scheme. After the players complained, and almost seven months post-launch, the HDR option has been fixed with the addition of a new Game HDR.

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As Rockstar Games has shared with the full patch notes for Red Dead Redemption 2 Title Update 1.09, this new patch has added the following choice in the game to resolve any issues faced with HDR.

A new HDR Calibration menu has been added. Players can now switch between the existing ‘Cinematic HDR’ and new ‘Game HDR’ styles, and a new option has been added to allow manual adjustment of Peak Brightness values for different displays

In addition to fixing the HDR in the game, Rockstar Games has added a lot of new content for Red Dead Online multiplayer mode including new missions, gameplay changes, and more. Rockstar Games has confirmed that Red Dead Online has been taken out of its beta phase with the launch of the new update.

All of this is part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Title Update 1.09. This patch is available to download now on the PS4 and Xbox One. RDR 2 was also recently rumored for PC.

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