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Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.10 Improves Stability and Fixes Crashes

Rockstar Games is continuing to update Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of their recent updates have focused on Red Dead Online multiplayer mode and this new patch isn’t any different.

If you have downloaded a new Red Dead Redemption 2 update today (1.10 on PS4), this will bring in some new content for Red Dead Online gameplay mode. It is more of a stability update that helps to reduce some of the crashes that the players might be facing in the game itself.

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Red Dead Online is also getting a whole bunch of new content as detailed by Rockstar Games. This includes new clothing for the characters. There is a new bonus given to those who enable 2-step verification on their account.

Wheeler, Rawson and Co’s latest clothing updates this week include the Flora Corseted Chemise and Paddon Shirt tops – along with limited supply of the Plaid Cap, Racoon Hat and Shaffer Chaps. You can also now feign outrage with the new How Dare You emote.

If you enable 2-step verification system on your account, you will gain access to an exclusive tint of the Racoon Hat in addition to 10 Gold Bars in Red Dead Online.

red dead redemption 2 update 1.10

There is a new care package available for everyone who is playing Red Dead Online this week. You can visit your Camp Lockbox or Post Office to gain access to it. This care package will come with the following items.

  • 5x Potent Miracle Tonic
  • 5x Potent Snake Oil
  • 5x Potent Health Cure
  • 5x Potent Bitters
  • 120x Express Revolver Ammo

Other new content includes a new Showdown Mode, Head fo the Hills, and a free roam challenge to kill wild animals. This new Wild Animal Kill Challenge is available today. The rules are simple for this challenge. You get points based on the quality and threat level of the animal itself so the bigger you score, the better your points will be in the challenge.

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