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Resident Evil 2 Cheats: Unlock Infinite Ammo, Infinite Rocket Launcher, and Infinite Combat Knife

Resident Evil 2 cheats are available for the player but they have to be unlocked first. You can get the infinite ammo, infinite rocket launcher, and infinite survival knife by fulfilling certain conditions in the game.

Before beginning the guide, are you looking for more information? We have you covered with a guide detailing the Resident Evil 2 Tyrant Mr.X, making it clear what is the required the safe, codes, and lock solutions, helping you solve the tricky puzzles in the Greenhouse lock codes and synthesizer, clarifying the differences between the samurai edge handgun variations, or letting you understand which is the ideal difficulty for Resident Evil 2.

While there are a total of 11 weapons to get in Resident Evil 2, the infinite ammo is only available for just three of them. In addition to the weapons, you can also get a special Infinite Rocket Launcher or similarly an Infinite Survival Knife. Both of these carry their own requirements.

Unlock Conditions For Resident Evil 2 LE-5 Submachine Gun Infinite Ammo

This one is going to quite tricky since it requires some patience and serious skills in order to get the required rank and time.

The condition to unlock this one is as follow: Complete the game in under 2:30 hours on the Hardcore difficulty with S Rank

Unlock Conditions For Resident Evil 2 Samurai Edge Handgun Infinite Ammo

This is perhaps the easiest one and it is recommended to attempt this one before trying to unlock the other infinite weapons.

The condition to unlock this one is as follow: Complete the game in under 3:30 hours on Standard with S Rank

Unlock Conditions For Resident Evil 2 Unbreakable Infinite Combat Knife

The requirement for this one is somewhat simple. You have to find and destroy all 15 of the Mr. Raccoons toys that are scattered around the environment. Keep a look out for them and shoot at them to destroy and register it in the game.

Now it is time to attempt some of the most difficult challenges in the game. We are talking about getting the infinite Rocket Launcher and Infinite Minigun.

Unlock Conditions For Resident Evil 2 ATM-4 Rocket Launcher Infinite Ammo

You have to play any scenario with Leon (A or B) on the Hardcore difficulty and pull out the challenging S+ Rank with restrictions that you can do more than 3 manual saves, use any infinite ammo weapons and finish it under two hours.

Unlock Conditions For Resident Evil 2 Minigun Infinite Ammo

You can unlock this one by finishing any of the Claire scenario (A or B) in the allocated amount of time and with the restrictions.

The condition to unlock this one is as follow: Complete Claire (A or B) on Hardcore with S+ Rank with restrictions that it finishes under two hours with just 3 manual saves and no infinite ammo weapons are used in this run

Now here are some of the tips that you can try to get the S Rank when you finish the campaign with either character in Resident Evil 2

Some Tips On Getting Resident Evil 2 S Rank In All Scenarios

As simple as this sounds, there is a lot more to do than just rush through the game. You have to focus avoiding damage at all cost, using the least amount of ammo and conserving resources so they are used for boss fights only. Fulfilling these conditions and doing it all under the time that is allocated by the game will result in S Rank being offered as a reward.

The timing is difficult to pull so our recommendation is to do this as soon as you complete the game the first time so everything is fresh in your mind including the puzzles. Refer to the guides above to find out their solutions and rush through the game.

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