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Resident Evil 2 Preload Goes Live On Xbox One, Smaller Download Size Than Full Game

Resident Evil 2 preload is live now on Xbox One and the download size is smaller than the file size that was confirmed for it on Steam.

Resident Evil 2 officially launches on January 25. It is available to pre-order on PC through Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. The preload is only live on Xbox One and the PS4 version still hasn’t started downloading yet.

Resident Evil 2 system requirements were listed on Steam that requested 26 GB of hard disk space for installing the game. The preload that is available for download now on the Xbox One seems to be much smaller in size, but it is possible that the download size will increase with a potential day one patch for the game.

Resident Evil 2 Preload Download Size: How to Start Resident Evil 2 Download On PS4 Or Xbox One?

Resident Evil 2 file size on the Xbox One store is listed 21.3 GB and the preload has confirmed this download size is the same. The preload will be automatically started on the Xbox One but if you want to download it manually, you can go to the Xbox Live store and manually initiate the download from there.

Resident Evil 2 file size hasn’t been confirmed for the PS4. Resident Evil 2 preload is also not live yet on the PS4 but that should change with the launch drawing closer and hopefully, the preload will be up earlier than the launch so everyone can download it. Once the counter for the pre-load goes up, you can go into your PS4 system library and find Resident Evil 2 by sorting by recent purchase. The option to download the game will be available from there.

There is currently no way to preload the game on Steam but that will also change just like it did on PS4. The game will unlock on January 25th, 2019 on all platforms and those who have pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game can enjoy it on day one without having to go for a retail copy.

Capcom hasn’t announced any Resident Evil 2 day one update or patch but since it is pretty much expected, don’t be surprised to find one downloading for the game if you have bought a retail copy. The patch will be automatically downloaded along with the preload for the digital copy users.

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