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Resident Evil 8 Uncut Edition Listed For Pre-Order On German Retailer

Resident Evil 8 is available for pre-order on a German Retailer. The game hasn’t been officially revealed although details around it have been leaked.

Resident Evil 8 is reportedly the next chapter in the popular franchise. Capcom released a brand new Resident Evil game on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One in 2017. It was essentially a reboot for the franchise that shifted the camera perspective to the first-person view and also added support for the PSVR.

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Details around Resident Evil 8 are only rumored for now and there is no official confirmation of the game so far, but a German Retailer GamesOnly has now listed the game as available for pre-order on the PS4.

resident evil 8 uncut pre-order

As for the name of the game itself, it has been heavily rumored that it will be called Resident Evil VIII which can be written in the logo as Resident Evil Village. Sony had scheduled an announcement for PS5 games on June 4th but the event was delayed with no confirmed delay date. It is currently set for an unspecific time although it has been speculated that this event could have featured an official reveal for Resident Evil 8.

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If the game is indeed launching soon then it might get announced for PS4, Xbox One, ad PC in addition to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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