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Resident Evil Resistance Beta Updated On PS4 To Fix Online Matchmaking

Capcom has updated Resident Evil Resistance beta on PS4. This has reportedly solved the issue with online matchmaking that made it unplayable.

Resident Evil Resistance beta was unplayable on PC and PS4. Capcom had delayed the beta on both of these platforms while they scrambled to resolve any issues. The beta was still playable on the expected date, March 27, on Xbox One. While the PC version of the beta was updated and the online matchmaking was working fine, this was not the case for PS4 users.

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Today, Capcom has updated the Resident Evil Resistance beta test in addition to Resident Evil 3 Remake demo. While it remains to be seen what has been added in the demo, the beta test is now functional on the PS4. The update has finally fixed the online matchmaking issues that plagued the beta test.

If you have a PS4 and want to test Resident Evil Resistance beta, then you can grab it from the official PlayStation Store. The final game is a part of the Resident Evil 3 Remake and will be playable as part of a bundle that installs both of these separately.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is out on April 3 along with the online multiplayer portion as a separate game. Capcom is giving away both games in a bundle with a combined file size of more than 40 GB.

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